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Jan 16, 1847

Journal Entry

January 16, 1847 ~ Saturday

16th A cold day yet the sun shines pleasent I drew two loads
of Hay And went into council at night with the Twelve
and the Presidents of the seventies And we had much
interesting teaching from President Young. The revelation
And word of the Lord recieved on the 14th was this
day presented before the High council and accepted
it was presented to night before presidents of the seventies
And accepted by them. The question was asked
president Young if the quorums of seventies should
not be filled up while He said not while there was men
enough belonging to the quorum in good standing alive on
the earth their places should not be filled by others
while treating upon the principle of Adoption He said some
men were afraid they would loose some glory if they
were sealed to one of the Twelve And did not stand
alone And have others sealed to them President
Young said there kingdom consisted of their own
posterity And it did not diminish that at all but
by being sealed to one of the Twelve but ownly
bound them by that perfect chain according to the
law of God and order of Heaven that will bind
the righteous from Adam to the last Saint And
Adam will claim us all as members of his kingdom
we doing [being] his children

He gave some interesting teaching concerning the rights
of men & the dealings of men with there wives and
children, the raising of posterity, purity, Holiness &c
that if A wise and proper course was taken in the
begeting and raising of children that they would
soon become pure & Holy And be administered
to by Angels
&c And many other things did
the Apostle teach


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
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Church membership is 34,694.
Wilford organizes "adopted" family (40 heads of households) under covenant to abide rules.

Jan 16, 1847