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Jan 18, 1847

Journal Entry

January 18, 1847 ~ Monday

178th [FIGURE] Monday The Thermometer stood this day
16 1/2 degrees below 0 zero I think as cold weath[er]
As I ever experienced But As cold weather As it was
In company with several others I dug earth out of
the bank And coverd the roof of my house up
This was An important day in the History of this Churc[h]
in one respect President Brigham Young met with
his company or family organisation or those who
had been adopeted unto him or were to be, & organized
then into A company out of which may grow a people
that may yet be called the tribe of Brigham. His
teaching to his company was much unto edifycation
I cannot now write but few of the words which He spake
He said no man should come into his company to work
iniquity they should break of from all there sins And
they did enter into a covenant with uplifted Hands to
Heaven with President Young And each other to walk
in all the ordinances & commandments of the Lord
our God. President Young said that He new that any
man who would put his money to usury in the cause
of God would recieve an hundred fold And many things
of Interest was spoken President Young company numb[ered]
about 300 men


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3314 mentions
Apostle, Family


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Church membership is 34,694.
Wilford organizes "adopted" family (40 heads of households) under covenant to abide rules.

Jan 18, 1847