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May 15, 1854

Journal Entry

May 15, 1854 ~ Monday

Monday 15th Travled to Coal Creek 33 miles & camped for the nigh[t]
we nooned on Corn Creek. During the evening we walked
onto the hill among the cedars. B Young D Huntington Walker
& myself we looked through a spy glass & looked to the west
mountain onto a high peak far in the distance it was a beautiful
place to camp a fine view plenty of cedar for wood & grass
for animals I walked onto the highths of the cedar knowls
& took a view of the surrounding country with T Bullock &
Phineas Young we also had prayers together (Phineas Young
said that He was the first that was chosen in the organization
of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles but Brother Joseph said
He wished I would let Wm Smith have that place so I gave
way to him.
^the above shows Phineas Youngs feelings
there is not a word of truth in this statement^


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3289 mentions
Apostle, Family
25 mentions
Huntington, Dimick Baker
26 May 1808 - 1 Feb 1879
30 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2213 mentions
Young, Phineas Howe
16 Feb 1799 - 10 Oct 1879
55 mentions
Bullock, Thomas
23 Dec 1816 - 10 Feb 1885
125 mentions
63 mentions


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Letter from John Milton Bernhisel, 15 May 1854
Washington Mr W. Woodruff Dear Brother, I have your favor of the 28th of February. If you are oblidged to leave home on a mission, you may deposit the balance you may have on hand with bro. Cain. I will honor the draft in favor of Sanborn & Carter as soon as I can. In haste yours very truly, John M. Bernhisel P. S. Please write me often. If you remain at Salt Lake I may send you a few more goods in the fall. J. M. B
Letter from Ilus Fabyan Carter, 15 May 1854
Portland Brother Wilford I have just redd your two last letters, March 1st & April 1st, one con- taining a Draft, for 70$ & the other advising me of something sent by Brother Stewart which I will recpt. to you for as soon as recd Mr Bernhisel has not yet paid that Draft, I have nothing further from him. I wrote Mr Hunce & James as you directed some time since at St. Josephs, as yet I hear nothing from there. had they been prompt in remitting I should have heard from them two months since. it begins to look bad again. I think from his conduct it would be well for you to secure that at your place if you possibly can. I recd the Des. News of March 15 which I found very interesting. I send you papers frequently, do you get them? I have been waiting some time to hear from Hunce, the statement you sent me of the groceries I have also mislaid and for those reasons I have not been able to tell the just amount to put in the note. I have intended to recpt. to you for all money recd and have a particular account of it and will enclose the amount in the Note after deducting


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May 15, 1854