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May 17, 1854

Journal Entry

May 17, 1854 ~ Wednesday

Wednesday May 17th we had a cold night. Ice stood in
the pails. we rode 8 1/4 miles up Hill then down over a vary
stony road we road to red creek & nooned we then rode to
paroan & spent the night the Presidency & company divided them-
selves among the people distance of the day 37 miles. during the
evening the Presidency, Twelve & Authorites of the place held
a counsel while Elder Taylor preached to the people below
in the tabernacle hWhile we were in the upper room the minutes
of the cousel are reported By Woodruff & Bullock in the Historians


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Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1821 mentions
Bullock, Thomas
23 Dec 1816 - 10 Feb 1885
125 mentions


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May 17, 1854