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Feb 25, 1855

Journal Entry

February 25, 1855 ~ Sunday

25 Sunday I Preached in the Tabernacle in the morning
& was folowed H. C. Kimball we both preached vary plain
in the afternoon O Hyde & H. C. Kimball preached we had plain
pointed preaching all day I attended the prayer circle
in the evening


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Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1403 mentions
Hyde, Orson
8 Jan 1805 - 28 Nov 1878
673 mentions


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Discourse 1855-02-25
By WILFORD WOODRUFF, Tabernacle, . -[REPORTED BY G. D. WATT.]- I will endeavor to occupy a little time this morning, and while I address my friends, I hope I may have their attention and prayers; for I realize that while any person stands before an assembly of this kind to teach, he needs the Spirit of the Lord to dictate and direct his mind, that he may speak unto the edification of the people. I am aware that Mormonism, as it is called, presents a wide field for reflection and contem- plation; it presents an extensive surface upon which the mind may roam; it affords a variety of objects for us to converse upon; but, at the same time, we want our minds led in that chan- nel which is according to the mind and will of the Lord. We have had some very interesting teaching presented to us from this stand, during the last two Sabbaths especially, though I may say that we have good teaching every Sabbath that we assemble together in this house. In fact, the day and age in which we live—those things connected with the past and present history of this people, and the signs of the times, are matters so diverse from the affairs of the nations of the earth, and from the views of the children of men generally, that they cause them to marvel and wonder exceedingly. I felt to rejoice last Sabbath while sitting in this stand, listening to our President. I will tell you why I felt to rejoice—there was one main reason for my joy; I have been acquainted long enough with this work to know its truth; I have had sufficient experience in it to see, and to know that the hand of God is in it, and that it is con- trolled and guided by the Spirit of the Almighty, and the revelations of heaven, to know, that from the commencement of it, it has been the design of the God of heaven to establish his kingdom upon the earth to be thrown down no more for ever. I rejoice that this kingdom is blessed with a leader, or leaders, who are not ashamed or afraid to watch over the interests of Zion—at all times to seek diligently the welfare of the children of Israel; who will point out the path for this people to walk in, whether that path may be popular or unpopular; leaders who will not hesitate to rebuke sin and wickedness, whether emanating from high or low places. Those who have been acquainted with the Prophet Joseph, who laid the foundation of this church and kingdom, who was an instrument in the hand of God in bringing to light the gospel in this last dispensation, know well that every feel- ing of his soul, every sentiment of his mind, and every act of his life, proved that he was deter- mined to maintain the principle of truth, even to the sacrificing of his life. His soul swelled wide as eternity for the welfare of the human family. He began entirely alone, as far as the influences of the children of men were concerned upon the earth, to endeavor to establish a religion and order of things diverse from anything then existing among men, a religion that was unpopular and contrary to the feelings, and views, and traditions of the whole human family. Every man that is acquainted with the history


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Feb 25, 1855