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Feb 27, 1855

Journal Entry

February 27, 1855 ~ Tuesday

27th I spent the day at home was about sick

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Letter from Lucius Scovil, 27 February 1855
Provo City Bro W. Woodruff Dear Sir I recieved yours of the 25 Inst and hasten to answer the same I shall endeavour to pay you a part of what I owe you before long I think I shall have some money (i.e.) I have a prospect of Getting some I know that the debt ought to have been paid before this time but circumstances have been such that it has been out of my power but be assured of one thing I will pay you the whole of it as quick as I can. I have other debts to pay, but I have done the best I could over and above my living pay the Taxes, Tithing &c I could pay all of them without Cash I settled my tithing last fall and am nearly square I intend to be down their at Conference if not before I will do the best I can Respectifully Yours in the Covenant Lucius N Scovil


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Feb 27, 1855