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Aug 7, 1856

Journal Entry

August 07, 1856 ~ Thursday

7th I was quite sick through the night & day with the bilious Cholic
I spent the day in the office reading History. President Young rode out
some during the day President Kimball called in the office & spent a
short time with us. He said he told Brother G. A Smith to give me credit
in the history what he prints in the History. He wished the history to be
continued as the history of Brigham Young & they would show the
history of those that were with them


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3304 mentions
Apostle, Family
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1373 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1403 mentions


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Church-wide reformation includes rebaptizing, restructuring and recommitment to principles and covenants. First "home missionaries" introduced (precursor to ministering program).
First baptisms administered in baptismal font; members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles rebaptized (4th rebaptism for Wilford).

Aug 7, 1856