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Jan 3, 1858

Journal Entry

January 03, 1858 ~ Sunday

3rd Sunday I attended meeting in the Tabernacle. O. Hyde & G. A. Smith
spoke in the morning. Joseph Young & D. H. Wells in the afternoon
we had a good meeting. I attended the prayer meeting in the
evening. He sealed a wife to Capt Lot Smith. The subject arose
about the burning up of our city. President Young said that I
think we shall use this room yet for a few Years to come
yet I mean to be ready. Brother Rich said their is snakes
on the desert that have Hornes it was said that ther is also snakes
that have Joints and when struck will fly to peaces then come
to gether again. President Young spoke abot a large green snake


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3280 mentions
Apostle, Family
Rich, Charles Coulson
21 Aug 1809 - 17 Nov 1883
345 mentions
Wells, Daniel Hanmer
27 Oct 1814 - 24 Mar 1891
773 mentions
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1366 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
Young, Joseph
7 Apr 1797 - 16 Jul 1881
306 mentions
Smith, Lot
15 May 1830 - 21 Jun 1892
352 mentions
Hyde, Orson
8 Jan 1805 - 28 Nov 1878
673 mentions

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Autobiography 1883 Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Notes 3
On the subject arose about burning up our city President Young said I think we shall use this room for a few years to come yet I mean to be ready. The subject of the death of Parley P. Pratt ^came up^. A foreboding of his death he felt strongly in spirit. As he was about to start for meeting He felt this so much that he said there are some men in this city who thirsts for my blood. As he was about to start for meeting this feeling was so strongly upon him that he did not wish to go. Brother Pollard did not think there was any danger but Brother Pratt made him promise that he would protect him until his return before he would leave for the meeting. At this very time Mr McClean had taken lodgings adjoining Parley's room and was attending his meetings with loaded weapons seeking an opportunity to kill him. George A Smith advised Parley P. Pratt not to go to Arkansas but to go direct to Salt Lake and take care of himself. He told Parley if he went to try to Protect Eleanor and her children he would loose his life; but he did not take care of himself nor take George A. Smith's counsel but went to Arkansas and was murdered by Mr McClean


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Jan 3, 1858