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Jan 2, 1858

Journal Entry

January 02, 1858 ~ Saturday

2nd I spent the day in the office on the History


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Letter from Ilus Fabyan Carter, 2 January 1858
Portland Bro. Wilford I did not rec. a letter from you by the last mail which is quite unusual, perhaps you might have written and the letter not reach me as I understand the Indians are troublesome on the plains I wrote you inclosing the Draft on Mrs. Bingham from her Son which she declined to pay. I felt quite disappointed in not hearing from you as your letters usually come along so regularly once a month, fourty days from your city. We are all as well as usual, have a plenty of cold weather and good sl[e]ighing this winter. Father continues very smart. Business is uncommonly dull in the States, money very scarce, failures frequent and heavy, decidedly disastrous times What about your new Governer? Some newspapers are trying to get up an excitement against the Mormons, call them all kinds of hard names and would like to have them exterminated. I was sorry to hear of the illness of our friends with you, hope they are all quite well again. I should be much pleased to rec. a letter from Mrs. Woodruff. Martha is quite poorly, all the best are very well hoping to hear from you soon I remain very truely your friend I. F C


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Jan 2, 1858