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Oct 7, 1866

Journal Entry

October 07, 1866 ~ Sunday

7. Sunday A vast Assembly of some 10,000 people
W Woodruff spoke 46 minutes & gave his Experience & bore
his testimony of the work of God in the last days as did
the other speakers. Erastus Snow spoke 55 minutes

Afternoon President Young spoke one hour & 23 minutes
H. C. Kimball dismissed. we held a meeting at the
Tabernacle in the Evening. Edward Hunter spoke 30 minutes
John Taylor 40 minutes G Q Cannon 20 minutes


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3301 mentions
Apostle, Family
270 mentions
Snow, Erastus
9 Nov 1818 - 27 May 1888
645 mentions
Cannon, George Quayle
11 Jan 1827 - 12 Apr 1901
1974 mentions
Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1404 mentions
Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1850 mentions


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Discourse 1866-10-07
Elder Wilford Woodruff occupied the stand and spoke by way of testimony in a most interesting manner, referring to the way in which the Lord had work- ed upon him when a young man, be- fore he had heard of the Gospel, pre- paring him to receive it; and of the manner in which God had worked upon President B. Young and many other Elders, for the same purpose. He also spoke of the efforts of the adversary to destroy those noble spirits who had re- ceived the truth at an early day of the Church, and of evil spirits coming to them in numbers at various times and places with this object; bearing testi- mony of having been so attacked in London, when in company with Elder George A. Smith, and of three angels appearing to him who relieved him from the power and presence of the wicked spirits. This testimony, he said, he had never borne publicly before; and the spirit which accompanied it de- clared its truth to the immense congre- gation to whom it was for the first time given. During his remarks he related many interesting incidents of the pro- tecting care which the Lord has exer- cised over his servants.

Oct 7, 1866