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Feb 13, 1870

Journal Entry

February 13, 1870 ~ Sunday

13. Sunday I met with my Quorum in the morning & went to the sugar
House ward with A. O. Smoot & held a meeting in the sugar House
ward A. O. Smoot Preached I followed him then dined with Wm
& went to my farm & found Emma vary sick we laid
upon her & went to the City. I went to the 15 ward in the
Evening Brother Bywater spoke a short time I followed him


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Smoot, Abraham Owen
17 Feb 1815 - 6 Mar 1895
554 mentions
1835 Southern Convert
Woodruff, Emma Smith
1 Mar 1838 - 6 Mar 1912
877 mentions
39 mentions
Smoot, William Cochran Adkins
30 Jan 1828 - 2 Feb 1920
32 mentions


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Church membership 90,130; population of Utah Territory 86,336; population of 38 United States 39,820,000.
Utah women given the right to vote; Liberal (non-Mormon) Party formed opposing People's (Mormon) Party.

Feb 13, 1870