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Sep 21, 1872

Journal Entry

September 21, 1872 ~ Saturday

21. We visited the State House was introduced to the
Govornor & Judges & officers. Newton Booth the Govorner
showed us Evry attention we were piloted all through the

State House cost 2500 $2,500,000. Went to the top of it 280
feet High, whare we had a good view of the City we visited
their Money vaults After going through the building we
visited the Races. Two Double teams rum & made their mile
in 2.47, 2.46, & 2.45 Another troting Match in single Harness
when Lady Blanchard distanced the other two & drew $500
time 2.26 1/4 The fastest in the State. The third race was pacing
time 2.31. We visited the pavilion in the Evening & herd an
address delivered By Mr Read the President of the society
and also visited the fruit & fair in General 15 M[iles].


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Sep 21, 1872