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Sep 23, 1872

Journal Entry

September 23, 1872 ~ Monday

23rd We attended the stock ground in the Morning & saw
a vary fine Exhibition of Blooded & graded Horses, also
of Horn Stock, short horn Durham, Devon, Aldeny &
Jersey one graded Durham Cow was said to weigh
23 hundred lbs. We visited the swine Berkshire Essex &
Poland China but not a white hog in the fair, we also saw
a vary fine collection of Sheep cotswolch, spanish
& French Marino, & some fine goats. We attended the
Races at 1 oclok. Dr Clayton M.D. was with us today
He was the leader of the Bible Class. The first Race was 2 Miles
in 3.40 3/4. 2nd Troting race, 5 troted 2.34. Next pacing race
2.21. We returned to our Hotel got supper & went to the pavilion
It was a vary crouded house 10 M[iles]


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Sep 23, 1872