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Oct 3, 1872

Journal Entry

October 03, 1872 ~ Thursday

3rd [FIGURE] The State Fair commenced to day I went to

The Farm & got wheat, Barley, Oats, Potatoes, Honey
& light Brama Fowls, Beets & squashes & took up to the
Fair the rest of the day I spent in service on the ground


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Business/Financial - Deed of Conveyance, 3 October 1872
No. 814 DEED OF CONVEYANCE FROM Daniel H. Wells, Mayor of Salt Lake City, TO Wilford Woodruff Esq Lots 6 & 7 in Block 77 Plot A SALT LAKE CITY SURVEY. Recorded Deed & Transfer Book G Page 232 October 10th 1872 Edwin D Woolley County Recorder Salt Lake County. Land 8.15 deed .75 Recording 1.50 Certificate 3.10 $13.50 DB


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Oct 3, 1872