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Apr 11, 1875

Journal Entry

April 11, 1875 ~ Sunday

11. Sunday Prayer By J. W. Young O Pratt spoke one hour
and 30 Minuts on the Prophesies concerning the Lamanits
& the House of Israel Afternoon Prayer By Br Mitchel
Brother Caralinamoco from the Sandwich Islands spoke in
his own Tongue which was interpeted by Brother Mitchel
President Young spoke 45 Minuts Conference Adjourned
untill the 6 day of next October I met with the Twelve
for Prayer & we met with the missionaries at the Historians
to set them apart we set apart abot 40.


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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3280 mentions
Apostle, Family
Young, John Willard
1 Oct 1844 - 11 Feb 1924
300 mentions
Pratt, Orson
19 Sep 1811 - 3 Oct 1881
1023 mentions


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Apr 11, 1875