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Feb 23, 1885

Journal Entry

February 23, 1885 ~ Monday

23 [FIGURE 10] I received Letters from Leslie Orion & 2 from
J G. Bleak I took a walk down the River & was vary weary
I receivd the dispatches from St George I walked 5 Miles


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Bleak, James Godson
15 Nov 1829 - 30 Jan 1918
451 mentions
Snow, Leslie Woodruff
6 Feb 1862 - 28 Nov 1935
176 mentions
Snow, Orion Woodruff
7 Sep 1866 - 7 Mar 1939
52 mentions


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Letter from Asahel Hart Woodruff, 23 February 1885
Dear Father; I am very tired to night after a walk of eighteen miles. I thought I would start a letter to you to night and finish it in the morning all being well. Elder Denney and myself left Southhampton this morning and walked to Ramsey and called at the residence of a Mrs Stone on Lord Mount Temple's estate but found the lady had gone to visite some friends. She has ben lately inves- tigating the principles of truth, and Bro D. informs me that she is quite favorabely impressed, but what the


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Feb 23, 1885