Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 18 July 1840 [LE-273]

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Lee County Commerce

My Dear Willford

I think that you will believe me when
I say that it is with peculiar feelings that I commence this sheet to you
my dear Willford what will be your feelings when I say that yesterday
I was called to witness the departure of our little Sarah Emma from this
wold world- yes she is gone — the relentless hand of death has snatched her from
my embrace — but Ah! she was to lovely to kind to affectionate to live in
this wicked world — when looking on her I have often thought how
I should feell to part with her I thought I thought could not live
without her especially in the absence of my companion - but she is gone
the Lord has taken her to himself for some wise purpose — It is a severe
trial for me to pass through particularly so in you absence but the
Lord has stood by me in a wonderfully manner I can see and feell that
he has taken her home and will take better care of her than I possibly
could for a little while untill I shall go and meett her — Yes Willford
we have one little angel in heaven and I think it likely her spirit
has visited you before this time — I do not know how to live without her
she I used to call her poor pa-pa and pretty pa-pa many times in a day
she left a kiss for her pa-pa just with me just before she died — she
eat her dinner as well as usuall thursday about 4 oclock she was
taken with a prestness for breath we done every thing for her that we
could called for the elders and had her anointed a number of times and
hands laid on her but all to no avail the next day her spirit took its flight
from this to another world without a groan so that now I am dep-
rived of every thing near and dear to me but my little darling Willford
for the things of the world are empty and vain to me and he is not verry
well — Today Willford and I with quite a number of our friend ac-
compaings us came over to Commerce to pay our last respects to our
little darling in seeing her decently buried — she had no relatives to follow

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her to her grave or to shed a tear for her but her Ma. and little Willford
I have engaged brother Stephen Luce to make a little fence around her
grave. I am now at brother Pettys writing verry near the graveyard.
The brethren and sisters are verry kind. Brother Morris Phelps officiated
at the grave and is to preach her funeral sermon next sabbath the
26th of july. While on the way to the grave I met with brother
Snow who told me that he was going d^i^rectly to England and would take
the a letter for me I therefore take this opportunity of informing you of
our loss. — — I have just been to take a solemn
pleasing melancholly walk even to Sarah's grave, O what would
I give if my W. could be with me there, she lies alone in peace
I can say that the Lord gave her and the Lord hath taken her away and
blessed be the name of the Lord, — he is wise in all his purposes. My health
is quite good now, I have not heard from Maine or Connecticut of late
I am getting along comfortably for temoral things at present, I have just
heard that brother Young has sent brother Joseph a letter of late in regard to
your quorum's comeing home next fall and that he said that he should
not advise you any thing about it but he said that you would all be at home
next fall, I think he is expecting you, however you must try to do right
about it. The situation of the church is quite precarious at present but
I can dont feel like telling you much about it at present but shall
give way for brother Petty to do that. This is the sixth letter I have sent you
since you left N.Y. and have received 3 from you the last was dated April
24. Sister Luce sends her respects to you likewise brother Alexander. I shall
write again soon. May the Lord bless preserve and return you home again
is the prayr of your sorrowfull and afflicted companion. P, W, Woodruff

Dear Brother it with pleasure I embrace this opportunity of
writing you a few lines in which I can inform you that we are
expecting some difficulties with the state of Missouri (or at lest
there seems to be some probability that there may be something

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of the kind take place soon there was a company of 17 Missourians
armed came of over the river below Warsaw and kidnaped 4
of our bretherens and carried them over the river & whiped two of
them almost to death The names of those that they whiped is Noah
& the other by the name of Bois the others Jas. Alred & Alansow
bro. Alred they striped & tied to a tree & drawed the lash over him
but did not whip him brother Brown they hung up by the neck
until he was almost dead. Pretending they had stolen some goods from
a little town where they had the bretheren ^prisoners^ called Tully in Missouri &
they thus tortured them to make them confess & they would not receive
any thing for a confession only what they would dictate so to save
life the bretheren confessed what they wished. finally bro. Brown ran away
from them & they set brother Alred at liberty & sent the rest to
Palmyra Jail where they are at this time all this without any eveden
ce of their guilt & we have petitioned the govenor of this state
to have them brought back & those ^that^ have thus abused them brought
back to Justice which we think the govenor of Missouri will
not comply with and if not it will end in difficulties between the
State of Illinois & Missouri as govenor Carlin says he is determined
to carry it it out according to the strict letter of the law. the church
has been talking of making a settlement on the lines between Missouri
and Iowa which gives the Missourians a good deal of uneasiness
they say we have formed a conspiracy with the Indians & are goin there
for that purpose & the was fifty brethren started from here to go &
the report has gone they was fifty to start every weeks which does
much perplex them the very much alarmed at the aspect
of affairs we are at peace here the people are generally
friendly I have considerable to write you but have n[ot] [page torn]
time at present I am much hurried they are waiting
for me to go to meeting with the best of feelings I subscribe
myself your friend & brother in the Lord
Albert Petty

Dear Brother Woodruff being priveledge with a space
is sister Woodruffs letter I gladly improve it and I can say to you that I
and Wm is well Mr Smoot is on a mision to the south I had a letter
from him June th 12 he was in Jackson, Co, Ten be had just arrived
and was well he wanted to hear what Bro Woodruff was doing in
England I too Bro Woodruff with your wiffe have been called to wit
ness the fall of one of the lovleiest flowers that ever bloomed yes your lit
tle lovly Sarah is no more in this life She is gone to dwell among the blest
yes She expired in my arms I done the last honor to her that was in my pow
er I closed her precious little eyes washed her dressed her kissed her again and again
an to day with her weeping mother consigned her to the grave to wait till gabriel
trump sound then may we all meet her is the prayer of yor sister in Christ
sister Woodruff has gon to visit Sarahs grave site Margaret T Smoot

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Phebe W. Woodruff Albert Petty
& Margaret T. Smoot July 18th 1840
Answered Oct 30th 1840
directed to Geo W Robinson London


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Mr. Willford Woodruff
Care of H. Corner
52 Ironmonger Row
St Lukes Church

Care of H. Corner
52 Ironmonger Row
St. Lukes London
Elder W. Woodruff Ledbury Herford
shire England

Care of John Benbo

of bro. [illegible]
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Mr. Willford Woodruff
Care of H. Corner
52 Ironmonger Row
St Lukes Church