Tully, Lewis County, Missouri

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1841 – December 31, 1842)

    July 23, 1842 ~ Saturday JULY 23rd The time had come when we were under the necessity of having a new stock of paper & other materials for the printing office & book binders which could not be purchased short of St Lowis & Joseph appointed me to go to St Lowis & purchase the articles & as it fell to my lot to perform the journey & business. I aranged my affairs & on Saturday this 23rd of July ...
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    Part of Letter from Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 18 July 1840

    of the kind take place soon there was a company of 17 Missourians armed came of over the river below Warsaw and kidnaped 4 of our bretherens and carried them over the river & whiped two of them almost to death The names of those that they whiped is Noah Rogers & the other by the name of Bois the others Jas. Alred & Alansow Brown bro. Alred they striped & tied to a tree & drawed the ...