Letter from P. F. Cregan, 7 August 1889

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    Troy August 1st 87 Hon Wilfred Woodruff Presiden Mormon Church Salt Lake City Dear Sir Having learned of the death of your Hon and worthy President John Taylor and knowing the Esteem in which he was held by his devoted followers. I take the liberty of addressing you as his Eminent Successor. hoping if the matter does not meet with your approval you will forgive me for intruding my self apon you. I am the Inventor of a Steel Outside Burial Case that is impervious to the ...
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    I personally superintend their placing without charge. I would like to furnish one for the remains of your distinguished predecessor the cost of them varies according to their weight. I make them from 400 pounds to 2 Tons in weight the latter will be 5/8 of an inch in thickness and will last for thousands of years being the cheapest and most Enduring monument that can be Erected to memory I place them at any time Either at or any time after the funeral ceremony now. if this matter should meet with your approval Iwill be pleased ...