Letter to William and Rachel Thompson Atkin, 26 July 1888 [LE-8180]

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P. O. BOX B.

Salt Lake U. T.

Brother & Sister Atkin

Dear friends

I Received
Wm vary interesting Letter of June 24 and Read
it with much interest And as I have told
you before I can ownly steal a few moments
to scribble off a few lines in answer if I did
not do this myself myany of my Letters would
go unanswered for it is all the Reporters & clerks
can do to answer my public Letters Well what
can I say to you I have finally got off Peters
& Dyer & Richards our Lawyers all off to
Washington to see the Attorney General &
see if we can settle up our affairs
The Assistant Attorney G Jinks is the Man
we are dealing with He says He will do all He

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for a settlement He will Throw out all our Temples
Tabernacles & Meeting Houses and Not count them
in at all, for they should be free and He
will have what we have turned over go up
to the Supreme Court to decide upon
And if they Declare the Law Constitutional
I suppose the Government will Dispose of the
property in some way but if the Law is
Declaired unconstitutional the property is
to be Returned to us But a great many
Gentiles though the whole country say it
is a Dam shame for the Government to rob
us of our hard Earned property so we all
say Well the 24 is passed and the first time
in my History that I did not attend the
Celebrations in person when I was in
this part of the Country. But I wrote a short
address which was read to the Congregation
My Health is as good as can be Expected con-
sidering the constant amount of Labor that is upon
me Asahel Has gone up Big Cottonwood
4 miles above the Mouth & Paper Mill &
Entered a piece of Land as Mineral Land

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On the flat cleared off the brush pitched
15 tents brought out the water in different
Channels and prepared to Entertain Excursion-
ist & citizens at $1.50 a day or $8 a week He
has had so many He could not Lodge them
or feed them ownly by setting 2 or 3 tables ^tables^ I
was there 3 days it is splendid fishing in the
Creek we caught about 100 while there
I had Emma & Alice with me I go
again Saturday Night to spend about a week
with Emma Clara Blanche Alice Ovando
& Owen to rest I get away from care
and work Brother G. Q. C. is well & wants
to be Remembered Br J. F. S. is quite sick
a bed with Lambago & siattiaca I go around
about the county quite freely without any trouble

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And was it not for keeping company
with Mac & Addy I Expect I could go openly
but I hope they will soon be free we
have two New Judges Apointed & confirmed
I hope they will be better than those
Removed. Give my Love to all
the family what Man was that who died
at Price a few days since I suppose you
have your harvest all up we are ownly
just beging to cut our wheat I have
board two Artecians Wells at Emmas
I drew one 300 feet for More water but got
none, had to draw the Pipe up to 125 feet
got 12 gallons, bored another 65 feet got 10 gallons
they give me water Enough to water my garden
Lawn, and all the Ground as far as 150 feet
of pip Hoes will reach or where the water
can run Well I must quit my 10 minutes
are up God Bless you all is my prayer

All my family send Love

As Ever Yours

L Allen