Brother Addy, Pseudonym

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    to organize the First Presidency, and I want as full a quorum present as I can get. I am now obliged to officiate every day as President or let the work go undone. I have a good deal of work to be laid before the Twelve and I cannot get a majority until Brother Addy gets free. I would rather you were with us in Council before the next conference and after that is over we can consider the adviseability of your going to England or elsewhere as shall be deemed ...
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    And was it not for keeping company with Mac & Addy I Expect I could go openly but I hope they will soon be free we have two New Judges Apointed & confirmed I hope they will be better than those Removed. Give my Love to all the family what Man was that who died at Price a few days since I suppose you have your harvest all up we are ownly just beging to cut our wheat I have board two Artecians Wells at Emmas I drew ...
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    November 16, 1888 Dear Brother Addy. Brother R. handed me your note this morning. In reply will say I supposed you under stood perfectly well the situation of all papers and documents in the Historian's Office how they were disposed of there was no time to list or itemize them or anything in that office when they were removed. It would have taken three clerks four days to have listed what was removed from that office, and we expected every hour for the officers to seize and the ...
    November 16, 1888