Insights in the Papers: Connor Olvera

by Connor Olvera

When you are lost, do you ask for directions? When you are given directions, do you follow them?

In 2 Samuel chapter 5, newly anointed King David heard that the Philistines were gathering in the valley. With inevitable conflict in the near future, David sought the advice of the Lord. The Lord promised to deliver the Philistines into the hands of David as long as he followed the direction he was given. The Lord's promise held true. After God gave David two sets of instructions, David followed both pieces of direction and the Israelites triumphed over the Philistines.

Just as David sought direction, so did Wilford Woodruff. In March 1840, when President Woodruff was a missionary in England, he wrote a letter to Willard Richards telling of a profound experience in which the hand of God had directed him. President Woodruff wrote:

“As I was getting ready to go the Lord manifested to me it was his will for me to go another way, which was beyond Birmingham or about 40 miles South West of it, & I was obedient to the word of the Lord, & traveled 80 miles & stopped at the house.

“I arrived at his house on the 6th day of March & preached at his house in the evening & baptized 6 persons, four of which were Methodist preachers. On Sunday the 8th I preached at Benbows & Baptized 7 four of which were Methodist preachers. On the 9th I preached at Sandy Hill & Baptized 7 two of which were Methodist preachers. On the 10 I preached at John Benbows & Baptized 12 persons 3 of which were Methodist preachers. I have been here 5 days, preached 6 times and baptized 32 persons 13 of which are Methodist preachers. The noise has gone ahead through all this count[ry], & there is to be a mighty harvest here, the work is but just begun, & I marvel what God is doing here.”

Because of their faith, both King David and President Woodruff were blessed by God. David conquered the Philistines and President Woodruff was guided to those who were prepared to receive the restored gospel. I know that just like He did in these two great examples of faith, God will help us to overcome our obstacles when we follow His direction.