Serving a Worthy Cause

by Maddie Christensen

“I am glad to serve as worthy a cause as the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation,” shares Judd Turner, volunteer. Judd serves as a Board Advisor and as a member of the Development Committee for the Foundation. 

Judd was introduced to the Project through his friend Jordan W. Clements, who gave him a copy of Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine, written by Jennifer Ann Mackley.

Judd shares, “Previous to reading [this] book I had no understanding of the importance of Wilford Woodruff as an observer, witness, and recorder of the unfolding of the Restoration. Further, the book provided understanding and clarification of things I had little or no knowledge of.”

Through working with many of the volunteers, interns, and staff contributing to the Project, Judd has been impressed by “the remarkable scope of the Project and the determination and earnestness of so many people to make this important information relative to Wilford Woodruff available online to everyone.”

Judd would like everyone to know that “unlike the Joseph Smith Papers Project . . . those involved are not called or paid by the Church but are motivated simply by a desire to further the work of the Restoration.” The Project’s work is being accomplished independently and through individual donations.

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