Wilford, Phebe, Phoebe, and Susan Woodruff with Ezra Carter, May 16, 1849, Boston, Massachusetts

Wilford Woodruff Woodruff Family

Description Daguerreotype of Wilford Woodruff, his wife Phebe, his daughters Phoebe and Susan, and his father-in-law Ezra Carter.
Date May 16, 1849
Artist or Photographer Marsena Cannon
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Journal Reference May 16th 1849 I went into Boston with Father Carter Mrs Woodruff and Phebe & Susan Woodruff & got all our Dageurrotype and Phebe & Susan Woodruff & got all our Dageurrotype likeness taken in one group, by Br. M. Cannon
Identification of Image PH 9679
Source of Image https://catalog.churchofjesuschrist.org/assets?id=c8bbc685-dd88-4705-b47f-59ba9def318f&crate=0&index=0
Notes Courtesy of the Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.