Baptisms in England | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Nathan Gewondjan 

Editor: Kate Munger

Day in the Life


On February 7, 1841 Wilford Woodruff recorded the story of a woman he baptized while on his mission in England. He wrote, 

“We spent the forenoon by going to the bath and we baptized Mrs. Susanna M. Sangiovanni. I never saw a person baptized in London that did my soul more good than to see her go forward in the ordinance of baptism. She had a husband who was a very jealous man and an unbeliever in the Bible or any of the word of God and he would not grant her any religious privileges. She had a little leisure time and came three miles this cold morning to be baptized. After we baptized her we laid hands upon her & confirmed & blessed her. Sister Susanna returned home rejoicing in the Lord with her whole heart.”

How have you been blessed because you were baptized in the Church? How have you seen baptism bless the lives of those around you?