Braeden Dyer: Wilford Woodruff Teaches That We Are Never Alone

Videographer: Vincent Pelina

Speaker: Braeden Dyer



My name is Braeden Dyer, and I'm an editorial assistant. The topic that I chose was, that I can do hard things and that I'm not alone in doing those hard things. As I was thinking about that, there's a story in Wilford's journal that I read pretty recently where he was traveling through a mountain pass, and while he was in this pass, there was this massive blizzard and there were many feet of snow and his horses were going to die. He was stuck, there was a train, but the tracks were covered and there was no way for him to get his carriage into one of the cars of this train provided it were to come. So many things worked together perfectly so that he could not only survive, but get to his destination, and that was so powerful to me because it showed me how in the worst of circumstances, he was not alone. He not only had friends around him who could help him, but he also had God on his side to put everything into place.