Christian Ames: What Family History Teaches Me

Videographer: Luke Hauver

Speaker: Christian Ames

Young Adult Interviews


You've got grandparents and they're kind of at the end of their life, they've reached their financial maturity, and so it's kind of easy, you know, life is kind of simple for them in a lot of ways. And then you go back and you read about them when they're a teenager or when they're in their early twenties and they're kind of figuring out life and you realize that they are people also like you.

And so there's a lot of, a lot more depth to a person than at least I initially think of because they're so far removed in a lot of ways from me. And so, it helps me realize that they're real and that their life is not some storybook type superficial thing. There's a lot of depth to it, a lot going on.

And then you have the tendency to look at these other people and not recognize the same complexity that everybody has in their lives. So reading these personal histories helps to see them as people going through struggles, just like you or me.