Decoding a Prophet With Artificial Intelligence

Videographer: Connor Olvera

Speaker: Nathan Christiansen



My name is Nathan Christiansen and my major is applied and computational math. My job on the project is to figure out how to get an image and create tools that will transcribe the handwriting on the image. We're using computer vision and deep learning to automate the transcription process. Basically we can take just a raw image of a document and get an initial transcription that can then be verified. It takes a lot of the things that are usually done by volunteers out of the process so it can be done a lot faster. I feel like there's a really big impact with this project. There's just so much that we can learn from indexing his writings, as well as all of the people that he communicated with, all the letters that he sent and received. There's so many people that are going to be able to learn from and gain new insights from this project.