Elder Crowe: The Lord Prepares the Way For Us

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Bray Michael Crowe

Producer: Smith Family Foundation

Missionary Interviews


I'm Elder Crowe. I'm from Vermilion, Alberta, Canada. I'm serving a mission here in the England Birmingham Mission.

We're at the Hill Farm where Wilford Woodruff preached to the United Brethren and he baptized a lot of them here in this pond. It's pretty significant for the restoration of the Church because a lot of the saints that actually settled in Nauvoo and crossed the planes and settled in Salt Lake were baptized here and were converted here by Wilford Woodruff.

An ancestor of mine, his name was Robert Harris, and his wife's name was Hannah Harris, and they were members of the United Brethren church. They attended Wilford Woodruff's sermons here at the Benbow Farm, and they were baptized here as well. What Wilford Woodruff did here for the Church is something me that I'm really grateful for. The Church has brought a lot of blessings into my life. It's a really neat experience to be able to serve here, to kind of come back to where I came from, right, where the church in my family was started.

The Lord promises in the scriptures that he will go before us and that he will be on our right hand and on our left, and that his angels will be around about us.

I've seen that to be true in my life and especially in the mission field, I've seen that to be true, and I think that's very true of Wilford Woodruff's experience here. He was kind of led to come here. The Lord had prepared lots of people here, people whose descendants went on to build the kingdom of God on Earth.

It's great strength to my testimony, and I've seen in my own missionary work a similar pattern, where the Lord is with us. He prepares the way and he makes things happen that we couldn't make happen on our own.