How Do I Help Those Going through a Faith Crisis While Staying Strong in My Testimony?

Speaker: Maddie Christensen 

Writer: Lyndie Jackson 

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Big Questions


We live in a time when noisy opinions conflict with what we know to be true. Most of us know someone who is currently struggling or who has struggled with these conflicting ideas. But how can we help someone going through a faith crisis while still upholding our own testimony? There are three things we can do: 

  1. Show unconditional love. 

  2. Invite them to come unto Christ. 

  3. Focus on eternity. 

The first thing we can do is show unconditional love. Wilford Woodruff counseled, “Make the love of God and of your fellows the foundation of your work; and moving forward steadily and prayerfully and earnestly, you cannot fail in accomplishing that which brings peace, happiness and salvation.” 

The second thing we can do is invite them to come unto Christ. The conversations we have with those who are experiencing a faith crisis should be Christlike in nature. We are not meant to change the hearts of those we love; only the Spirit can do that. What we are meant to do is lovingly invite them to come unto Christ by being an example and by testifying of truth. 

Finally, we can be the cheerleader for our loved ones who are going through a faith crisis as we focus on eternity. Always exhibit hope for the future and let people change and support them as they do.

As you show unconditional love, invite others to come unto Christ, and focus on eternity, you will help those you love while strengthening your own faith.