How Do You Study the Scriptures? | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Megan Hutchings

Writer: Maddie Christensen

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Day in the Life


On August 14, 1840, Wilford Woodruff recorded a sermon by Elder Smith in his journal.

“In the evening we met the Saints at Elder Browetts for a council meeting. We had an interesting time. Elder Smith spoke first & recommended the Saints to spend 5 minutes each day in getting an Idea in their minds from the scriptures. & in one year they would have 365 new Ideas in their minds which would form a fountain of Intelligence & knowledge which would benefit themselves & mankind. After the meeting 2 were Baptized & we laid [hands] on one man & confirmed him & healed several that were sick.”

In this entry, Elder George Albert Smith recommended that the saints study the scriptures for 5 minutes a day and pull a new insight from them each day. One of my favorite ways to study the scriptures is to gather with friends and family to study the Come, Follow Me program. How do you study the scriptures?