How to Keep Your Testimony

Speaker: Kaitlin Palmer

Editor: Keaton Olson

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In a world of so many opinions and voices, it can be hard to find the truth and gain a testimony. But keeping that testimony can be just as hard. Once a testimony has been gained, How do you keep your testimony?

In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Alma invites us to treat the word of God as a seed, and plant it in our hearts, then care for it until it begins to grow. If it grows, then we will have received a testimony that it is good and true - but he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to say that we must continually do the things that helped us gain our testimony in the first place to help it grow and thrive - things like studying the scriptures and the doctrine of the Gospel, continually praying to Heavenly Father to help us know the truth, and living that which we know to be true.

The Lord counseled the prophet Wilford Woodruff:

“Pray always and faint not; exercise faith in the Lord and in the promises of God; be valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ. The eyes of the Lord and the Heavenly Hosts are watching over you and your acts. Therefore be faithful until I come.”

Wilford spent the remainder of his life sharing his testimony and living the gospel to the fullest of his ability. He said “I count it a privilege to join my Brethren in bearing my testimony of the things of God.”

May we always seek to live and share that which we know to be true. As we nourish our testimonies, the Lord will bless our efforts and it will flourish into a beautiful garden of gospel truths.

What helps you strengthen your testimony?