“I Will Make an Instrument of Thee” | Come, Follow Me July 1-7

Speaker: Riley Sumsion

Editor: Caralyn Cleaver

Come, Follow Me


When Ammon and the royal family were overcome with the Spirit and fell to the earth, Abish “knew that it was the power of God,” and she believed that if the people saw “this scene it would cause them to believe in the power of God, therefore she ran forth from house to house, making it known unto the people” (Alma 19:17).

Abish didn’t hesitate to use this opportunity to become an instrument in the hands of the Lord to teach others about Christ. She showed great faith and bravery by allowing the Lord to use her for His purposes.

In the April 1896 general conference, President Wilford Woodruff said, “The Lord . . . has given to us an army of sons and daughters, and our sons are called to go to the nations of the earth. We want to instill into their minds the importance of these blessings to the inhabitants of the earth and the saving of souls from sin. You give unto any soul the principles of life and salvation and administer these ordinances to him, and you become an instrument in the hands of God in the salvation of that soul.”

May we be brave and become instruments in the hands of the Lord so that He can use us to bring others to Him.