Jacob Edmunds: My Connection to Wilford Woodruff



My name is Jacob Edmunds, and I am a PR and marketing assistant for the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. I actually served my mission in some of the same areas that Wilford Woodruff did in England. Benbow pond is a place where Wilford Woodruff and some of the early missionaries in England, they baptized the members of the United Brethren. And it's kind of cool for me, when I was there to kind of stand right by the pond and be like, literally history was witnessed right here. And, it kind of gave me a little bit of perspective because we weren't necessarily baptizing thousands when I was there, but we did have a lot of success and so it was just cool to kind of be in the same place he was. As a missionary I was able to feel the spirit and God's love working through me, to touch the hearts of the people that I taught. And so I think that's kind of a really cool connection that I share with Wilford and it kind of gives me a little bit more purpose and excitement as I work on the project.