Scierra Clegg: Wilford Woodruff's Journals Connect Us to the Past

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Scierra Clegg



I am Scierra Clegg, and I am a research intern at the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project. It has been really cool to look through Wiflord Woodruff's letters and journals because it's a really amazing thing to build that connection with the past. It's not just names and dates anymore, it's real experiences, real trials and real victories. And so when I'm explaining the family history and Wilford Woodruff papers to my parents I tell them about how we're creating that connection, we're making these people real. And when they're a real person they can influence our lives. I feel like turbulent times did not begin just with our days. That's something I've definitely noticed in the Wilford Woodruff papers is that he'll talk about these really heavy situations that happened with people that were nearby and kind of how he's having to work through it. You can just tell there's this constant level of faith and dedication to the Lord. And I think that’s a great example and guideline for us to deal with the things we have in our day. If we stay dedicated to the Lord and continue doing the things we know are right like he did in the past, and as many other pioneers have done, God will strengthen us and support us. I’m so grateful for that knowledge and that strength that we have by looking at these strong prophets and apostles, and even scripture heroes, that teach us the value that we have in God’s eyes and how important we are as His children.