Sister Emily Noall: Heavenly Father is More Aware of You Than You Think

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Emily Noall

Producer: Smith Family Foundation

Missionary Interviews


My name is Emily Elizabeth Noall. I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So Wilford Woodruff, he served a mission here in Herefordshire and taught people the gospel, and they were so ready to hear it and they accepted it and they had faith in God and they were willing to give up their lives, move across the sea, across to a far away land to leave their homes for the God they loved even more and trusted. 

I also have an ancestor from Herefordshire, her name's Mary Field and she's the daughter of William Field and he was part of the United Brethren. His family joined the church and went to America and so that helped me know how much Heavenly Father was aware of me, because he put me in the place literally where she was born. I know that this is a sacred land to me. It is. I know that we're all children of God. That he loves us so much more than we can comprehend and that Jesus Christ is our savior and our Redeemer and that he is always with us.