Sister Kate Barrus: Knowing My Ancestry Gives Me Strength

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Kate Barrus

Producer: Smith Family Foundation

Missionary Interviews


Today, I'm here in Gadfield Elm. It's the oldest Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints chapel in the world, and it's where Wilford Woodruff, he came and he preached. He came here with no fear, and that's how I want to serve my mission is with no fear and all my trust in God. 

When I knew I was coming to England, it felt so right. My fifth great grandfather, his name is Robert Harris, he was born and raised in Gloucester, England, and that's where I'm serving right now is Gloucester, England! So it's amazing that I was able to go back to where he lived.

Robert Harris, he was not a fan of the church, but his wife was baptized and she loved it. She was talking to Wilford Woodruff one day and Robert Harris was gonna go in, he was gonna grab him by the collar and throw him out of the house, but the spirit came over him and then he was baptized a little while later.

Knowing my ancestry has given me a lot of strength. I've seen their faith and their devotion to the gospel and for them to leave their homes behind, their families to come to America, to be a part of the early saints, definitely has guided me in my life.

The reason why I decided to serve a mission was because I know that the gospel makes me happy. It's where I've found true and lasting joy. I'm excited to learn more about my ancestry and where I came from so I can know who I want to become.