St. Michael & All Angels Parish Church in Ledbury | Following Wilford Woodruff's Steps in England

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Peter Fagg

Producer: Smith Family Foundation



We're standing here outside the ancient church of St. Michael and All Angels in Ledbury in Herefordshire, and this is an amazing little church, it's got touches of age all the way through it from a Norman arch, the tower is completely separate to the church.

In 1840 Wilford Woodruff came into town, preached at the Baptist church up the street and then came and visited this ancient parish church, but probably more important is that this is where a young man was christened. A man called William Carter. He was 18 years of age when Wilford turned up in town, he was a blacksmith. His sister, married with children had joined the church.

His parents were against it. They asked him not to join, but he chose to listen and chose to get baptized. His parents were very nervous as word of immigration started to spread around these surrounding communities. The Benbow's, they left after six weeks of their baptism, they were sailing towards Zion, across to the American continent.

And the parents didn't want that to happen to their family. To try and prevent him from leaving, they actually took their grandchild into the home with the idea that if they had her, the family wouldn't leave and William had the very awkward situation of having to go into his own home, taking his niece away from his parents, and then emigrating.

When William gets to Nauvoo, his eyes meet Ellen Benbow, the niece of John and Jane Benbow, up at Hill Farm. They marry and from that union, thousands have come including none other than Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.