Studying the Gospel With Family | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Brianna Christensen 

Writer: Maddie Christensen 

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Day in the Life


On February 4, 1849 Wilford Woodruff wrote about some time he spent studying the gospel with his family. He said, 

“I had a meeting in the forepart of the day with my family. My wife and children come together once a week. We sing and pray and I teach them the things of the kingdom of God and I break bread and partake of the sacrament with them. When I am abroad away from my family attending the affairs of the Church, Phebe W. Woodruff (my wife & Mother of my children) calls them together and teaches & instructs them to pray and to understand the principles of faith and the gospel.”

Wilford Woodruff made teaching his family the gospel a priority in his life. One of the ways I like to study the gospel with my family is listening to general conference talks. How do you study the gospel with your family?