Testimony of the Book of Mormon | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Writer: Shauna Horne 

Speaker: Arantza Condie

Editor: Matthew Gonzalez

Day in the Life


On June 19, 1938 Wilford Woodruff spent his day teaching from the Book of Mormon. He said, 

“I spent the day at Father’s house & preached at candlelight upon the authenticity of the Book of Mormon & I was blessed with the spirit of God & I was enabled to boldly declare the things the Prophets have foretold.”

From the very beginning of his journey in the gospel of Christ, Wilford Woodruff knew the Book of Mormon was true. When he was introduced to the gospel by the missionaries, he said “I borrowed a Book of Mormon, and sat up all night and read it, and I had a testimony it was true.”

How did you receive your testimony of the Book of Mormon?