Time Machine

Videographer: James Dalrymple

Speaker: Steven C. Harper

Wilford Woodruff Papers Project


Wilford Woodruff was an apostle for fifty-nine years. He was the fourth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the best record keeper of the Restoration.

You can’t go back in time, but in one sense, the Wilford Woodruff Papers are a time machine. They let you go on missions with the first Quorum of the Twelve in the last dispensation. They’re an unbelievable resource for being present at the Restoration. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news, and the best sources of that good news are the documents of the people through whom Jesus restored his gospel to the earth. They’re unsurpassed sources of knowledge, they have to be preserved. But not just preserved, they have to be accessible, they have to be shared, and the Wilford Woodruff Papers project is committed to making available to everyone the best sources of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.