Victoria Alliaud: Wilford Woodruff Teaches Me the Importance of the Temple

Videographer: Vincent Pelina

Speaker: Victoria Alliaud



My name's Victoria Alliaud and I am a PR assistant for the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. Something that's been really amazing about this job has been how much I've been able to learn about Wilford Woodruff.

The more I'm able to learn about Wilford Woodruff history, the more I'm able to learn about the importance of temples and the things that we do there. Another thing that I've enjoyed about, about working with this foundation, is that because it is centered on the history of this amazing prophet who has done so much for us today, and whose teachings are so relevant for needs today. The environment and the, the spirit, the, the mentality people have at this job is amazing because of that spirit that, we all have, as we learn more about Wilford Woodruff.