Wilford Woodruff Baptizes His Father-in-Law | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Kamryn Maughan

Editor: Kate Munger

Day in the Life


On March 22, 1849 Wilford Woodruff baptized his father in law, which was the fulfillment of a blessing given to his wife, Phebe. He wrote, 

“Phebe W. Woodruff received a promise that she should have her father & household with her in the new & everlasting covenant. Her mother was baptized before her death and two of her sisters have been baptized. This day I led my father in law, Ezra Carter, with two others down into the sea and baptized them. Mrs Woodruff accompanied her father to the water and back again. We both felt to rejoice that the words of the old patriarch was fulfilling upon our heads. Father Ezra Carter was 76 years, and 3 days old this day that I baptized him.”

How have you seen the fulfillment of blessings you have been promised in your life?