Wilford Woodruff Dedicates Manti Temple | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Maddie Christensen

Writer: Maddie Christensen

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Day in the Life


On May 17, 1888 Wilford Woodruff dedicated the Manti, Utah temple. This was the third temple built in Utah. In his journal, Wilford Woodruff wrote,

“We Met at 12 o'clock to Dedicate the Manti Temple. The Hymn was sung: The Morning breaks the shadows flee. Then President Wilford Woodruff Kneeled upon the Altar and Offered up the dedicatory Prayer which can be found Published in the Deseret News of May 1888. After

which remarks were made By Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Brigham Young Jr, & F M Lyman. We then dismissed. I felt to thank God that I had lived on the Earth to once more have the privilege of Dedicating another Temple in the Rocky Mountains unto the Most High God.”

I am so grateful for all temples, but especially the one in Manti because my grandparents and great grandparents were both sealed there. Why are you grateful for temples?