Wilford Woodruff Does Family History Work | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Lexie Bailey

Writer: Maddie Christensen

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Day in the Life


Hello and welcome to a day in the life of Wilford Woodruff! Today I wanted to share a journal entry from Wilford Woodruff written on May 3, 1874. He writes, 

“I took cars, rode to Ogden, and preached in the forenoon followed by Lorenzo Snow & President Joseph Young in the afternoon. While with Franklin Richards at Ogden I got access to a Book Entitled Memorial Genealogy & Ecclesiastical History of New Britain, which includes much of the History of Farmington from 1600 to 1850. It gives some History of Asahel Hart & his children including my stepmother Azubah Hart, and the Woodruff family from the first settlement of Farmington in 1600. Also the Thompson from whom my Mother Bulah Thompson descended. I was very much interested in the work.”

How has family history work and knowing your ancestry blessed your life?