Wilford Woodruff Gives Sermon on Missionary Work | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Shannon Jones

Writer: Maddie Christensen

Editor: Jacob Edmunds

Big Questions


On September 17, 1865 Wilford Woodruff recorded a sermon he gave. He wrote,

"The Lord has now set his hand one more for the Last time to Establish his kingdom upon the Earth to remain, to overcome the Devil & his works & subdue the Earth, & the Lord has decreed that this should be accomplished. He is inspiring his servants with the power of God & the spirit of his work, & a desire to build up his kingdom & Mount Zion as Men have Never before been inspired. No greater work can be given into the hands of Men in the flesh. Then rise up ye saints of God & do the work required of you & the Lord will work with you, sustain you & redeem you & give you power to Accomplish all that has been promised through the Mouth of all the Holy Apostles & Prophets since the world began which may God grant for Christ sake."

How are you helping to build the Kingdom of Zion here on Earth?