Wilford Woodruff Sees Queen Victoria | Day in the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Speaker: Roxayn Weathers 

Writer: Maddie Christensen 

Editor: Jacob Edmunds 

Day in the Life


"Did you know that Wilford Woodruff once saw Queen Victoria in person? On January 26, 1841 he wrote in his journal, 

'This is a great day in London as it is the opening of the house of Parliament. We arrived in the park at 1 o'clock & found the citizens of London embodying tens of thousands, for the purpose of having a view of Her Majesty Queen Victoria as she passed through the Park to the House of Lords to open the Parliament in person. The whole train passed within 10 feet of us so that we had a fair & perfect view of the Queen & Prince Albert both going to & returning from the house of Lords. They bowed to us as they passed & we returned the compliment. It was the grandest earthly scenery I ever beheld.'

"Wilford Woodruff had many wonderful experiences while serving his mission in England. Have you had any amazing experiences while traveling either on your mission or for fun? Share them in the comments below!"