Adam-ondi-Ahman, Daviess County, Missouri

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  • Page 149

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1854 – December 31, 1859)

    Elder Elsworth came in President Kimball came to him & told him to pick him out a family to go & stop with him through the winter wanted a handy man. He said I have not a handy man in my company but I will pick you out as good one as I can. Mr Dones came in & gave president Young some Notes against Capt James Brown of some $3000. Had paid some $1400 in county orders asked president Young what He should ...
    September 28, 1856
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    Part of Journal (October 22, 1865 – December 31, 1872)

    June 20, 1869 and we shall send more here. I do not think there Ever was a people on the Earth who done as much as we have in 40 years. I[t] was the opinion of the Prophet Joseph that the City of Enoch was in the gulf of Mexico, And that Adam offered his sacrafice & Bui[l]t his first altar in Adam, Ondi, Ahman, & the stones of his Altar are there now to be seen. The City of Enoch ...
    June 21, 1869
  • Page 437

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    March 7, 1853 ~ Monday March 7th [FIGURE] I wrote 4 letters to I F Carter Maine & Mo St Louis J M. Bernhisel washington H. S. Eldridge St Louis Mo, requesting them to let I F Carter have $1000 or $1400, & I would pay them here & I spent the day on the public work March 8, 1853 ~ Tuesday to March 12, 1853 ~ Saturday 8 9 ...
    March 7, 1853 March 8, 1853 March 12, 1853 March 13, 1853 March 14, 1853 March 19, 1853 March 20, 1853
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1860 – October 22, 1865)

    1862 compared with other callings & avocations of life. I shall not say much upon profane History during this Evening. I will However refer to one or two prominent Historians. Rollins compiled an Elaberate History of the ancient Medes, Persians Asyrians, Babylonians, & Caldeans. He gives a History of their government customs Literature & Laws but more Esspecially of their wars. I would recommend this History for our yound men to read who wish to become acquainted with an- cient History. I would also recommend the reading of