Aetna, Northwest Territories, Canada

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    C. F^H^. Jensen Jr June 26 [18]98 I hereby. heartily Reccomend Elder C. F. Jensen. Junr as a worthy Missionary wherever he may be appointed to labor. Your Brother in the Gospel Bishop. R. Pilling Aetna Ward Alberta Stake of Zion Canada ...
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    Aetna June 21st 1898 Presedent Wilford Woodruff Dea Bro I Recieved your letter Dated May 31 I was suprised as beeing Caled to go on a mision but I am willing to Respond To all calls maid on me I have seen Presedent C. O. Card & he wants me to start the first of October I will go Weather I am ready or not From Your Bro in the Gospel Joseph H. Ellison Bis Richard Pilling ...
    June 21, 1898