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    O America it is because of these things that thou art weighed in the balance & found wanting. from this time forth perplexity shall rest upon the nation, confusion reign in thy government, wisdom righteousness & truth will depart from thy senators & rulers, Discord & folly shall shall sit in thy congress & senate, thy shame shall be known among the nations of the Earth thy pride shall be humbled in the dust & thy haughtiness laid low, the heads of thy rulers shall be cut off & lade in the Dust, it shall be a vexation to understand the report of the sorrow pain & wo that shall come upon thee by sword, fire, tempest, Earthqu akes, & pestilence, from the hand of God even these things shall come upon thee untill thy government is broken up & thou art destroyed as a nation from under Heaven: for thou hast not kept the command- ments of the Lord but hast Broken them, Betrayed the Constitution of the Land, Polluted thine inheritan ts, robed the innocent, shed the Blood of Saints & made many widows & orphans. Therefore from this hour these things shall come upon thee & shall not scease untill the whole is accomplished & fulfilled upon thine
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    The inhabitants of this continant anciently were so constituted & were so determined & persevering either in righteousness or wickedness that God visited them immediately either with great Judgments or blessings.
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    O. thou God of Israel stretch fourth thy hand & save thy Saints O. America hide thy face in shame & disgrace as the day dawns While thy Sons stab liberty to the heart by Persecuting beating & Puting the LATTER DAY SAINTS to death for worshiping God after the dictates of their own conscience for thou wast built upon the Pillars of freedom.
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    Will not God be avenged upon such a nation as this[?] O. God save thy Saints while Babylon falls beneath thine ire
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    President Young closed with an interesting Address said He had not expected to see the rocky mountains this year but when the Lord commanded him to go direct He intended to go if He left all And went alone but he thought the Lord would let him take the people with him And when He found the place for the temple He would work hard untill it was built. He said the Lord revelation A vision was with him
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    . This is the commencement of the Centennial year of the American independence at the commencement of the centaury 1776, and through the Revolutionary war the United States Government was composed of an honest, industrious Christian People, and the Leaders were pure true, virtueous honest industrious statesmen who labored hard to promote the interest, & welfare of the whole people, and to Esstablish a free Republican Government, this they did accomplish, and Esstablished laws and a Constitution which was a glorious Legacy to their posterity. But Jan 1, 1876 finds a great change has come over the American Government virtue has departed from the Land, and corruption occupies its place. Honesty has been driven from Evry department of Government from the presidential chair, the Halls of Congress, from Evry Department of State, which has Rea^c^hed through through Evry State and Territory Except Utah, and Theft and chicanery are bearing sway throughout the whole Nation, untill the seeds of Death and destruction are sown broad cast throughout the american government, and are ripening for the Harvest.
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    Sunday Jan 1, 1865 Jan 1, 1865 This is the commencement of a New Year The past year has been an Eventful year in many respects Esspecially in the history of the United States war has contine- ued to rage with awful carnage through the year between the North & South, and apparently with No prospect of peace. All Nations steem to be prepareing for war and great calamity await the wicked. yet Zion still prospers and God is with her He defends Zion & sustains his servants
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    November 2, 1845 ~ Sunday 2nd Sunday I wilford Woodruff Son of Aphek Woodruff have read the Book of Mormon much during the Last ◊twelve years of my life And my soul delighteth much in its words teaching and Prophesyings And in its Plainness I rejoice in the goodness and mercy of of the God of Israel In Preserving the precious Book of Mormon & bringing it to light in our day & generation it teaches the honest & humble mind the great things of God that were performed in the land of promise now called America in Ancient days And also the great things of God that are nigh even at the doors concerning the resteration of the Laman- ites to the knowledg of there linage & forefathers when they will throw of[f] the veil of ignorance darkness And superstition sense there customs of Idleness filtheness wars & contentions one with another And wake up out of there fourteen hudrd [hundred]
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    the whole United States have filled up there cup of Iniquity And well may the Saints go out of her midst As did Lot out of Sodom for her Judgment and destruction is equally sure The Saints having built the Temple of the Lord & the City of Joseph Are now about to be drove out of it By the American Nation this is a strange Age we live in the Bible & Book of Mormon Doctrins & Covenants are fast fulfilling upon the heads of this generation thus has American liberty with her proud eagle found a sepulchre there to remain untill resurrected by some power who will be promped by virtue to Administ[er] those laws in equity & Justice that the present Administrators have not moral courage enough to maintain against the power of Mobocracy [3]
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    while speaking of Col Kane President Young said Col Kane did say to President Buchannan that he owed Gov Young an apology for sending an army to Utah in the way he did and persuing the course he had towards the people of that territory and He should make that apology to Gov Young for President Buchannan and he was an agent sufficient to do it. we will never bow down to their opression we will not have a mock trial over us we will sooner apply to the mountains and then to the rifle, before we will do it. Col Kane is as good a Lawyier as we will find abroad and he sustained us in our course and said that it was the cream of creams. you have taken the right course and I want to have you keep in the right.
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    Damonds Creek Branch KY ^.8.^ Daniel Thomas Teacher now Priest SCelah Parker Sally Thomas James MCcartney Martha Thomas. Henry Thomas Deacon Rachel Thomas Sally MCcartney John Thomas Henry Thomas. Revolutionor ...
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    Jan 6th 1862 Read before the meeting a communication to the St Louise Republicnan showing them How they are receiving there rew- ard for there persecution of the Saints. All the people were ripe for the organization of a State Government, the Heavens the Earth, the Holy Spirit, & the people were all ready for this work AOur Fathers who made the declaration of independance and formed the American Constitution was inspired to lay the foundation of a Free and independant Government and the ...
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    June 28, 1861 ~ Friday 28 1861 I spent the day at home was not well [FIGURE] I received a letter from L. Snow June 29, 1861 ~ Saturday 29 I spent the day in the Endowment House til 1 oclok we gave Endowments to some 45 persons Mostly From Brigham City I spent the afternoon in the office The poney Express arived 8 minutes to 10 oclok PA.M. We got the Extra at
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    31 ^1860^ and most of the company starved to death and the living cattle Dead Mrs Murphy was Eat up & some of her children two fof her sons were saved. Brother Emanuel Murphy has been a true faithful Latter Day Saint He visited Joseph Smith almost daily while in prision in Missouri. He liberated Erastus Snow out of Liberty Jail. He has done much for the Church. He took supper with me this ...
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    July 3, 1860 ~ Tuesday July 3rd 1860 I spent the forenoon in the office In company with R Campbell I visited Brother Mousleys school He teaches upon the new principle of chanting his lessons in Geography having procured large splendid maps for the same He teaches a new system of mental Earithmetic, his whole system of teaching is the best I have ever seen. There is great prepara- tion in this city for the 4th July. The signs of ...
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    1862 1862 Has past and left its trace upon the Historians Record. It has been a vary important year it has fulfilled the Historians predictions & the predictions of the prophets (see the last page of this record written ithe last day of Dec 1861) There has been more blood shed, & lives lost in the United States in the battles between the North & South in 1862 than there was in the Revolutionary war & the war of 1812 with Great Brittian. The ...
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    June 30, 1862 ~ Monday June 30th 1862 I was not well this morning I spent most of the day at home July 1, 1862 ~ Tuesday July 1st I spent the morning in the garden the forenoon in the office and afternoon compiling History it was a Hot day July 1. I spent the day in the office compiling History July 2, 1862 ~ Wednesday 2nd In company with A. O. Smoot I Administered to Isabel Allexander under severe ...
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    June 29, 1873 Sunday Lemuel Mallory born April 2nd 1801, young T. P. district 2 c. son of Lemuel & Amy Patterson Mallary George Q Cannon Mouth Afternoon AG A Smith spoke 20 Minuts President B. Young 26, Joseph A. Young 5 M[inutes], President Joseph Young 25 M[inutes] John Taylor 8 & G Q Cannon 8, & President Young closed the Meeting & Blessed the people ...
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    August 14, 1877 ~ Tuesday Aug 14, 1877 we drove to St George over a vary rough road as it was yesterday. I telegraphed to President Young of my arival and had one in return August 15, 1877 ~ Wednesday 15. I spent the day in the Temple we gave 55 Endowments Ordained 22 Elders J D T McAllister sealed 5 couple & ^[FIGURE]^ D. H. Cannon 6 I wrote 2 letters to Mr
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    August 21, 1877 ~ Tuesday Aug 21, 1877 I Wilford Woodruff went to the Temple of the Lord this morning and was Baptized for 100 persons who were dead including the signers of the Declaration of Independance all except John Hancock and [ William Floyd ] I was Baptized for the following names [FIGURES] [FIGURE] William Hooper Benjamin Franklin Joseph Hewes John Morton ...